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Becoming a good storyteller is of high value over time

A training course regarding storytelling

Are you wondering about the power of story through ages?

In our Storytelling CLD project initial Teachers Meeting, we focused in related topics, like

  • why people, from far back in their origins, love a good story?
  • where stories tremendous potential in advertising comes from?
  • how our thirst for stories reflects the basic human need to understand the patterns of life - not just as a spiritual exercise but also as a personal, emotional experience?

And improved our comprehension of

  • narration as "the use of voice, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, and interaction to link a story to the listeners",
  • stories as the way people approach and emotionally connect. It is the most effective way of merging concepts and feelings,
  • stories as co-creative and interactive products, with great potential as a teaching tool,
  • storytelling as a process where a person communicates with the public, and
  • teaching foreign languages effectively by using more storytelling than traditional teaching materials such as books.

We emphasized “storytelling in class and its contribution to the students”. Because storytelling:

- offers two different learning situations for children, giving them the opportunity to become both the listener and the narrator,
- helps children develop a sense of narrative structure,
- develops understanding, listening and memory.
- provides an incentive to read: young children want to read the storybook after listening to the story
- helps them become a kind of literary critics through the selection of stories
- develops verbal expression
- encourages children to write their own original stories.