The cultural visits

[ Malta ] NEVERTHELESS, the storytelling training course could not be confined between the walls of a room. It continued outdoors so here are the highlights.

  • We enjoyed a visit at Newark School, an international school, attended by students aged 5 to 18, from all over the globe

Kindly the principal informed us about the structure and everyday life at the school, as well as the Maltese education system.

We also had the pleasure to track storytelling from elementary school students and attend a storytelling lesson in a CLIL class.

  • We had the unforgettable experience of several cultural visits.

@ Hagar Qim Temples, we witnessed one of the highest Mediterranean culture settlements from the Neolithic period (3600-3200 BC). The Megalithic Temples of Malta are the names used to describe a group of seven megalithic sets located in 6 locations on the islands of Malta and Gozo. These temples were considered to be of outstanding UNESCO world value; they are characterized as a World Heritage Site and retain the same name.

@ Blue Grotto, on traditional boats we surfed in caves of limestone rock, surrounded by clear blue waters under a bright sun. Located on the southern coast of Malta, west of Wied iz-Zurrieq the place faces a little deserted islet called Filfla. The site got its name from a British soldier who thought that since the area looks like the Grotta Azzurra in Capri, it deserves the same name. Apparently, those cave became shelter for numerous pirates during ages, as our guide-captain profoundly believed, and in modern times a place for cut offs from the routine.

@ Grandmaster’s palace in Valetta, splendidly furnished with art objects, old coat of arms and Armory, one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. Walking in the narrow streets of Valetta we felt the scent of the medieval era.

@ The medieval town of Mdina. Called “the silent city”, it is situated on top of a hill, overlooking large parts of Malta. This small town is rich in history and surrounded by tall bastion fortifications, filled with centuries-old buildings.

Obviously, Malta is one exceptional choice for storytellers to be inspired and collect stories from many periods of history, from many different civilizations and cultures