Skopje April 2019

The first transnational meeting of the schools participating in the project "StoryTelling" in Skopje was completed. Children from North Macedonia, Spain, Greece and Malta had the opportunity to tell each other about their grandfather's and grandmother's stories.

At the same time, we participated in a series of educational and cultural activities that helped us to deepen the history and culture of the country, as well as to detect similarities and differences in the educational processes within the classroom.

We visited the Holocaust Museum and the History Museum. We also traveled by bus to all of Skopje's attractions and tasted the region's traditional food.

At Мирче Ацев school we attended and participated in courses of physics, music and arts. It was a very useful process as we had the opportunity to exchange our experiences from the lesson and then to discuss about the best teaching practices of these courses.

We also visited a nursing home in the city where we had the chance to meet old people who were happy to tell us their own stories from the age of their youth.