The 2nd Transactional Meeting for the “Storytelling” project was successfully completed in Braila, Romania. Students and teachers from all participating countries (Greece, Malta, North Macedonia, Romania and Spain) met in Braila in November 2019 with the aim to work together on their Erasmus+ project.

During our visit to Romania, we were able to exchange stories from our grandparents, get to know each other better, talk about our tradition and customs, dance to each other’s traditional folk dances and taste delicious food from all our countries. We took part in various workshops and participated in cultural visits in the old city of Bucharest, as well as museums. We were also able to appreciate and admire the Romanian culture and history.

The old city of Bucharest was of particular interest with a strong Greek element evident in most monuments, (the old orthodox churches included) leaving its mark in the history of the Romanian people. We wandered around the stone-paved streets and visited the Stavropoleos Monastery. In our visit to the “Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum” we got a glimpse of what peasant life in Romania was like throughout the years. We were also stunned by the immensity of the Palace of the Parliament of Romania in Bucharest, which is the World's largest administrative building.

We then went on to Braila and to our partner school in Romania. We were warmly welcomed by our fellow partners. We had a big welcome party and got to know the other teams while feasting and dancing to folk songs. A remarkably entertaining experience was the workshops we took part in. We created our own perfumes and designed pieces of art using the decoupage method. We completed our visit to the National Museum of Agriculture in Slobozia having a really good idea about the everyday life of the Romanian people in the past.